Science Communicator and Producer


About me 

I have a PhD in Developmental Biology and have been working full-time in science communication, public engagement and audio production since 2010. 

I produce audio, I develop events and exhibitions, I collaborate and consult on public engagement projects, and I teach workshops and courses on science communication. I value diversity in science communication, and work on several projects to improve representation of LGBTQ+ scientists. 

I am a co-founder of producing partnership, Bureau, with artist Maurice Kelliher. We produce radio documentaries, podcast series, and audio stories that feature diverse voices and unexpected narratives. We make work independently and in collaboration with other groups. 

I develop and consult on events, exhibitions and science communication projects, with a focus on creative and novel forms of engagement. I am currently working on the international scientific conference, Schrödinger at 75. I am also collaborating on ReCollect, an oral history archive of science in free India, and a new project at DCU to introduce scientific terminology to Irish Sign Language. I am always open to new projects.

I teach on the Masters in Science Education in Trinity College Dublin and will be a visiting lecturer on the Masters in Public Engagement and Citizen Science at Science Gallery, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. I provide independent workshops and courses on science communication and public engagement. I also teach regular workshops on media engagement with science writer, Dr Claire O'Connell.


1999–2003 – BSc (Hons) in Physiology at NUI, Galway
2003–2008 – PhD in Biochemistry at NUI, Galway
2009–2010 – Postdoctoral Researcher at UCD
2010–2013 – Producer of Futureproof at Newstalk
2011–2013 – Commmunications at Science Gallery Dublin
2013–2015 – Events at Science Gallery Dublin
2015–2016 – Research at TBSI and Science Gallery Dublin
2013–Present – Co-founder of Bureau
2010–Present – Science Communicator and Producer
2017-Present – Founder of House of STEM



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