I write a lot about science, science communication, and public engagement - for public audiences, academic communities, funding bodies, and scientific organisations. I write content for funding applications, online courses, exhibition catalogues and public engagement reports.

Here are some examples of my writing work:

Re:Collect India

Re:Collect India is a Citizen Archivist project—led primarily by young people—to collect stories, unearth objects, and capture India’s rich history of science, technology, and engineering. It is an initiative to capture an important part of India’s scientific legacy, and an opportunity for an inter-generational conversation about science in our society. ‘Citizen Archivists’ will interview the first generation of free India’s scientists, engineers, and technicians about their lives working in science. These conversations will be recorded and published as an online archive of stories, as well as a series of exhibitions and publications for broader audiences. Re:Collect India will also pave the way for a new, historical collections-based science museum in India.

Re:Collect India

My role on this project is to write guides, webinars, and handbooks for our volunteers, to help them record clear and compelling stories in line with best practise and ethics. I am also writing content to engage scientific and general audiences with the project. Re:Collect India is an initiative between Cultural Institute at King’s College (London), Campus Diaries (Bangalore), Gubbi Labs (Bangalore), the Centre for Internet and Society and the Centre for Contemporary Studies at the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore). It will be launching in 2020.

Pride and Prejudice in Science

Dr Alfredo Carpineti and I are currently writing Pride and Prejudice in Science: Stories from 50 LGBTQ+ People In STEM, a book celebrating the diversity of LGBTQ+ people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It will tell the stories of LGBTQ+ scientists around the world, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and share their advice on how to navigate science as underrepresented and underestimated minorities.

Pride and Prejudice in Science: Stories from 50 LGBTQ+ People In STEM

The book is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and The Physiological Society, and will be released in 2020. If you are interested in being interviewed for the book, get in touch!

PLASTIC and ‘We Are All Scientists’

I wrote the catalogue and signage content for two Science Gallery Dublin exhibitions in 2019: PLASTIC and ‘We Are All Scientists’. PLASTIC is Science Gallery Dublin's first national touring exhibition. It explores our necessary relationship with this unsustainable material. The catalogue and signage describes and contextualises each exhibit and experiment, exploring themes like the negative impact plastic has had on our planet, and the positive impact it has had on medicine and public health. PLASTIC at Science Gallery Dublin runs until the 9th of February 2020 and then tours to Wexford, Drogheda, Galway and Letterkenny.

PLASTIC at Science Gallery Dublin

‘We Are All Scientists’ is Science Gallery Dublin's first pop-up exhibition in the community. Developed for Science Week 2019 and taking place in the CHQ Building, it encourages visitors to think differently about science. This free exhibition, suitable for all ages, invites visitors to take part in five creative experiments to explore some of the key characteristics of a scientist: curiosity, creativity, clarity, discernment and resilience. The signage and catalogue framed these experiences in a way that would connect with audiences of all ages. I also wrote the content for the mediator handbook, which helps guide the conversations visitors will have with Science Gallery mediators.

Funding applications and project reports

I have written and co-written many successful funding applications for public engagement grants, private sponsorship, and broadcasting schemes. I have helped secure funding for projects from organisations such as Science Foundation Ireland, Wellcome Trust, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Horizon 2020, Health Research Board, and the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund. I have also written project reports for funding bodies and stakeholders that detail the process, outputs and evaluation of a public engagement initiative.


Recently, I have written articles for broader scientific audiences on the intersections between science and activism. Here are some selected pieces:

Physiology News Magazine – "LGBTSTEMDay: The importance of community and visibility", 2019 – Read
Silicon Republic – "How activists make science communication better", 2019 – Read
Silicon Republic – "What’s it like to be an LGBTQ person in STEM?", 2018 – Read

We talk about science’s “leaky pipeline” for talent, but I think it’s more like a pipeline with a series of selective filters that allow some people through while holding others back.
— For Physiology News