Radio and Podcast Production

As one half of art-science producing partnership Bureau, I co-produce documentaries, programmes, and podcasts with a focus on voices from the margins. We make documentaries that explore science, society, culture, or a mix of all three. They are broadcast on Newstalk and at festivals, and have been supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund.

We usually make podcasts for other people. We work with you to create great content and develop an interesting format. We record, edit and mix the series, and we work with you to coordinate the release. We have produced podcasts for people like UCD, Inspirefest and Science Gallery.

If you’d like to hire us to produce your podcast, or if you have an idea for a documentary, get in touch!

Here are some examples of our science themed audio productions:

Earthlings in Outer Space

Miss Baker

Since the 1940s, a menagerie of non-human animals have journeyed to outer space – flies, frogs, cats and mice. This audio story looks at the creatures that have left our atmosphere. From spiders in zero gravity to jellyfish in orbit – join us as we discover the unwitting spaceflight participants who made it back to Earth, those that didn’t, and the animals who received a heroes welcome and became national icons.

Our favourite podcasting duo
— Festival of Curiosity

Earthlings in Outer Space was commissioned by Festival of Curiosity and supported by Cpl. It includes contributions from Jane Chadwick, Joseph Roche and Niamh Shaw. 


Inspirefest is a unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts with inclusion at its heart, which takes place annually over two days in Dublin, Ireland. The Podcast takes you behind-the-scenes with some of the leading thinkers in science, technology, media and inclusion.

Stellar... Meticulously produced
— Silicon Republic

The series is supported by The Digital Hub, and features contributions from Tracy Chou, Arlan Hamilton, Raju Narisetti and Ana Matronic.

You Are Here


What existed before the Big Bang? Where do stars come from? How are we related to every living thing on this planet? You Are Here turns a 1.37 kilometre walk through Dublin into a scaled down stroll through our universe’s 13.7 billion year history.

Starting at the Big Bang, the documentary plots out the origins of the first stars and galaxies, it follows the formation of our own planet, and traces the origin and evolution of life right up to the present day. The entire story is told on a walk through Dublin, where every metre represents 10 million years.

Wonder: you could hear it in the makers’ voices and feel it in your bones
— Irish Independent

You Are Here was produced for Documentary on Newstalk and supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. It is presented by Maurice Kelliher and features contributions from Peter Gallagher, Jane Chadwick, Aoife McLysaght, and Ian Brunswick. 

Tales from the Cryptid

B-Movie hysteria meets solid science in this documentary about fantastic beasts, hoaxes, and perception. This audio story tells the tall tales of the Man-eating Tree of Madagascar, the Kraken, and the Martian Monkey. It explores the people behind famous hoaxes and the fears that have, throughout history, fuelled belief in man-eating monsters and invading aliens. 

A fantastic audio production
— The Irish Times

Tales from the Cryptid was commissioned by Festival of Curiosity, and includes contributions from Aoife McLysaght, Joseph Roche, and Kevin O'Boyle.

Here’s a full list of audio projects I’ve co-produced:


  • 10 Years of Listening (Newstalk, in production) – The story of the Dublin Lesbian Line

  • Great Lengths (Newstalk, in production) – Following a group of women sea swimmers

  • 30 Years of GCN (Newstalk, in production) – The story of Gay Community News

  • What is Life? (Newstalk, in production) – A documentary about Schrödinger’s lectures

  • Defeating Dementia (Newstalk, in production) – Exploring research into brain health

  • Citizen Science (Newstalk, in production) – A documentary about civilians who do science

  • 10 Years of Science Gallery (Newstalk, in production) – The story of Science Gallery in Ireland

  • Leaving the Island (Newstalk, 2019) – The story of leaving home for the mainland – Listen

  • All Mine (Newstalk, 2018) – A snapshot of what it’s like to be Trans in Ireland – Listen

  • Women Like Me (Newstalk, 2018) – A documentary about women resistant to Hepatitis C – Listen  

  • Imagine Equality (Newstalk, 2017) – Looking back at one year of marriage equality in Ireland – Listen

  • London, Rome, Killybegs (Newstalk, 2016) – The story of the last handmade carpets – Listen

  • Prejudice and Pride (Newstalk, 2016) – A documentary about being an LGBT Traveller – Listen

  • Earthlings in Outer Space (Festival of Curiosity, 2016) – The story of non-human astronauts – Listen  

  • Tales from the Cryptid (Festival of Curiosity, 2015) – Tales of fantastic myths and hoaxes – Listen  

  • You Are Here (Newstalk, 2014) – The story of our universe, told on a walk through Dublin – Preview

Reports and Programmes

  • Health Check (BBC World Service, 2017) – A report on new Hepatitis C research – Listen (at 9:40)  

  • Inside Science (BBC Radio 4, 2014) – A report on a new climate change exhibition – Listen (at 11:00)  

  • Futureproof (Newstalk, 2010-2013) – Producer of the national weekly science show – Website


  • Inspirefest (2017-2019) – Technology, science, design and the arts  – iTunes / Stitcher / SoundCloud  

  • Ambitioning Change (UCD, 2018) – Gender equality in higher education – SoundCloud  

  • 101: The Ways We Learn (UCD, 2018) – The science of learning – iTunes / Stitcher / SoundCloud  

  • Queering Museums (2017) – Stories from LGBTQ+ museum workers – iTunes / SoundCloud  

  • "I'm Voting Yes Because..." (2015) – A campaign for marriage equality in Ireland – SoundCloud  

  • Science Gallery Dublin (2013-2016) – Stories of art and science – iTunes /SoundCloud